Payments Canada takes pride in facilitating collaboration within the payments space and connecting the ecosystem. Alongside our partners, we have worked to establish educational programming that will contribute to a stronger foundation for the payment ecosystem.

As countries around the world continue to modernize their payment systems, the need to advance payments understanding and develop forward-thinking leaders is more pertinent than ever. Consumer needs continue to push our industry forward to develop innovative solutions to build upon and modernize our systems.


Payment Academy

We created Payments Academy as a way for Canadians whether working in the financial industry or just curious about how financial systems work to learn more about the exciting world of payments. Payments Academy is organized in to several videos each dealing with a specific topic such as modernization. Check back as more videos get added to the series.


Lynx is Canada’s high-value payment system, an electronic wire system used by participating financial institutions to safely send wire payments on behalf of their customers, in Canadian dollars.

Payments Modernization 101

Data-Rich Payments

Canada and countries around the world are moving to a new payments message standard that supports larger amounts of data to be transmitted in a payment. What does that mean for Canadians? Payments carrying more information with each transaction, better interoperability, more convenience and opportunities for economic efficiency, to name a few benefits. It’s all part of modernizing Canada’s payment systems. Learn more about data-rich payments and the coming changes for Canada and the world.

Supporting Materials

For information about payments modernization please visit Modernization.


The Business of Payments

“The value of the course far exceeded expectations. I appreciated the diversity of the speakers, to provide a set of truly universal perspectives on how the payments industry affects stakeholders differently.”

— Bob Pocius
    Managing Director, Infrastructure, Treasury 
    and Payments Solutions
    Bank of Montreal

The Business of Payments

The Canadian payments landscape is rapidly changing. The Business of Payments program, offered in partnership with the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, provides an overview of this changing payments landscape and the trends that are shaping its future.

This collaboration is a response to the need for this type of programming in Canada and has been developed and contextualized to address areas of strategic interest specific to stakeholders within and peripheral to the payments industry. The course covers strategic payment topics, with the goal of equipping senior professionals with the insights needed to adapt to the shifting payments landscape and harness the new opportunities it provides. There hasn’t been a better time to turn your payments knowledge into an industry advantage.

The Rotman School of Management program highlights payments talent acquisition and the payments technology landscape. With a distinct focus on strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, and growing payments talent, participants will gain insight into facilitating strong relationships within the payments ecosystem.

Dates: September 25-28, 2022 SOLD OUT


Understanding Payments 

The following videos are part of Payments Canada's original Learning Exchange series. 

Module 1 – Intro to CPA

Module 2 – Automated Funds Transfers

Module 3 – Cheques

Module 4 – EDI and Bill Payments

Module 5 – POS and Online Payments

Module 6 – Large Value Transfer System*

* LVTS was replaced by Lynx, Canada’s new high-value payments system in 2021.