Our Stakeholders are organizations who rely on our payments systems but don’t participate directly. We consult and collaborate with these groups through our Stakeholder Advisory Council (SAC). It includes representatives of consumer groups, retailers, corporations, governments, and payments industry service providers. SAC provides advice and counsel to our Board of Directors and staff, and helps us make informed decisions regarding the challenges and opportunities for payment users and providers.


2023 Call for Nominations now open

Payments Canada is now accepting nominations to our Stakeholder Advisory Council. The council reflects our broad and diverse stakeholder base with representatives from across the payments ecosystem who directly contribute to shaping the future of payments in Canada. Submit your nomination by February 3, 2023.

Call for nominations

Stakeholder Advisory Council

The Stakeholder Advisory Council (SAC) is a 20-person council that was established in 1996, and was formalized in the Canadian Payments Act in 2001. The council provides advice to our Board of Directors on payment, clearing, and settlement matters.

SAC members contribute input on proposed initiatives, including bylaws, policy statements and rules that affect third parties. They also identify issues that might concern payments system users and service providers, and suggest how they could be addressed. In addition, SAC representatives have the opportunity to serve on other Payments Canada committees.


Members (as of July 2022):

  • AscendantFX Capital, Dan Caputo
  • Cadillac Fairview, Alvin Chan
  • Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Jasmin Guénette
  • Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association, Brent Mizzen - Stakeholder Advisory Council Vice Chair
  • Consumers Council of Canada, Don Mercer
  • Dye and Durham, Mark DiFilippo
  • Finance Canada, Nicolas Marion (observer)
  • Fintech Cadence, Layial El-Hadi
  • Fiserv, David Chance - Stakeholder Advisory Council Chair
  • KOHO, Damier Xandrine
  • Metrolinx, Daniela Aubry
  • Microsoft, Tracy Lagasse
  • Ministry of Finance, Province of British Columbia, Jean Hope
  • Payments Canada Board of Directors, John Sheridan
  • Payments Canada Board of Directors, AnneMarie Ryan
  • PayPal Canada, Sarvesh Kulkarni
  • Prosper Canada, Liz Mulholland
  • Receiver General for Canada PSPC, Lucie Séguin
  • Square, Grace Jung
  • WestJet, Nykol Kroeker
  • Wise, Josh Rowat


Eligibility requirements for membership and the yearly nominations process are set out in our General Bylaw and Administration Bylaw respectively. The SAC meets at least three times a year.


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